The Valencia season Football Club has been the least atypical, in addition to the restructuring of the team and the incorporation of Celades with the competition already started, the irregularity in LaLiga or the own break due to the coronavirus, the black and white had accused another element practically throughout the course: the lesions. Just Correia, Jaume, Wass and Parejo have not charged a injury this season, something striking especially with the last two being one of those the more they play.

In addition to injuries, the team che Fue one of the most affected by COVID 19. Visits to Milan or Vitoria added to the fact that Valencia also had high numbers of infections caused that up to 35% of the workforce they contract the disease to a greater or lesser extent and it is no secret that the fear of a new outbreak upon returning to training he was present.

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But neither circumstance has occurred when seven days since the team Back to work in the Sports City of Paternal. Valencia is following the COVID 19 protocol to the letter to avoid any type of contagion, in fact the measures taken are very severe. On the other hand, while teams As the Barcelona with Umtiti or the Real Madrid with Jovic They already have lost footballers, so far it seems that the injuries have left the team, which crosses its fingers so that they do not return.

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The truth is that hardly everyone the Valencianists come out unscathed of a end of season That anticipates intense and in which the 50 days without jumping onto the pitch will take its toll. But it will not be because the footballers and the club are not doing their part. All the team members they returned to work in top formIn fact, more than one lost weight during the break, in addition the coaching staff prepared a specific plan for each footballer that they followed during confidence and also now in individual training. By soon the team exercises again today and tomorrow he will rest.