Bitter defeat of the team 'taronja' (91-93) in La Fonteta


Valencia Basket succumbed on Friday 91-93 against Olympiacos in a match corresponding to day 18 of the regular phase, fitting 18 points of the Greek forward Georgios Printezis and thus making the locals bitter in their challenge of reaching the playoffs of the Euroleague.

In front of his fans, the team 'taronja' failed against an Olympiacos who knew how to replicate Fernando San Emeterio, author of 23 points. This bad result placed the Valencians in the tenth position, with a balance of eight wins and 10 losses. In contrast, the Greek team rose to the thirteenth place by its 7-11 record.

The difficulty was already seen from a first quarter played from you to you (16-16), with San Emeterio demonstrating that it would be the offensive beacon of his. And opposite Kostas Papanikolaou and the veteran Vassilis Spanoulis emerged, recently become the top scorer in the Euroleague.

In addition, a triple of Brandon Paul served as a starter for the second period, warning of the stretch made by Olympiacos in the three and a half minutes before the break. Suddenly, the local attack had vanished and La Fonteta's electronic had gone from 29-27 to 31-39, the timer running out with a 36-39 that made up the damage.

However, the dynamics continued to smile at Kestutis Kemzura's pupils, who then enjoyed a 10-point income (43-53). The passage through locker rooms had not truncated its momentum and just San Emeterio came out to the rescue 'taronja', missing more input from Bojan Dubljevic under the hoops.

Although Georgios Printezis and Sasha Vezenkov himself joined the scoring tasks, and despite the fact that Olympiacos maintained the distances after 30 minutes (63-70), the Valencian faith appeared just as it had appeared to trace Fenerbahçe and ALBA in Berlin in the previous two days.

He did not even stop Valencia Basket from an unsportsmanlike foul that was pointed out to Louis Labeyrie, for giving an involuntary elbow to a rival player. Thus, a timely 7-0 partial matched the contest, but it broke with another triple of a Brandon Paul quite inspired from afar.

Piraeus team linked a 0-8 response there, although it was neutralized by the good exercise of Sam Van Rossom, Vanja Marinkovic, Aaron Doornekamp and Quino Colom. The secondary actors of Valencia joined forces to put the 79-78 on a scoreboard that almost smoked at 4:20 of the conclusion.

Papanikolaou, mitigating his mistake, put a basket that oxygenated visitors. And immediately appeared, for greater inri, the cunning of Printezis in capturing a crucial rebound. Those actions spurred Olympiacos, which wore a greater poise in the final minutes.

Printezis himself, with a role of much more weight than in his distant stage at Unicaja de Málaga, became strong in another rebound after a failed launch by Dubljevic. The Olympiacos forward was fouled and hit his two free throws, thereby condemning the team trained by Jaume Ponsarnau.


– RESULT: VALENCIA BASKET, 91 – OLYMPIACOS, 93 (36-39, at rest).


VALENCIA BASKET: Van Rossom (11), San Emeterio (23), Tailor (), Labeyrie (2) and Dubljevic (2) – initial quintet–; Abalde (1), Colom (9), Ndour (6), Vives (6), Marinkovic (20), Tobey (), Motum (-) and Doornekamp (10).

OLYMPIACOS: Spanoulis (10), Koniaris (8), Papanikolaou (16), Vezenkov (17) and Milutinov (-) – initial quintet–; Baldwin (2), Rochestie (7), Paul (12), Printezis (18) and Rubit (3).

– PARTIALS: 16-16, 20-23, 27-31 and 28-23.

– ARBITRATORS: Belosevic, Shemmesh and Thepenier. Without eliminated.

– PAVILION: La Fonteta, 7,142 spectators.


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