The indoor pool of Valdesanchuelo, in the Madrid town of Valdemoro, will once again be the scene of a new edition of the AXA Spanish Championship of Paralympic Swimming Promises, with the presence of a total of 109 athletes under 18 years of age.

As reported by the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE), 46 swimmers from the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF), 32 from the Intellectual Disability Federation (FEDDI), 20 from the Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury Federation are expected to attend. (FEDPC) and 11 for the Blind (FEDC). Of them, 75 are boys and 34 are girls, coming from 28 clubs and entities from all over Spain.

Among the participants, among the swimmers with physical disabilities, the Catalans Berta García and Jian Wang Escanilla, the Castilian-Manchegan Beatriz Lérida and the Madrid Lidia Jiménez, the Aragonese Ariadna Galache, with intellectual disabilities, the Andalusian Jaime Montero, affected by cerebral palsy, and the Catalan Mahamadou Dembelleh, visually impaired.

These swimmers will seek to replace Anastasiya Dmytriv (gold), Enrique Alhambra (silver) and Nahia Zudaire (bronze) on the podium of this Spanish Championship, who were the absolute best in the last edition of the competition.

As usual, the competition is organized into three age categories, depending on the athlete’s year of birth, ranging from juvenile (2008-later), children (2005-2006-2007) and youth (2002-2003-2004 ), and the results are compiled using the multi-disability system in which all swimmers compete together regardless of their degree or type of impairment and the one closest to the world record for their class wins.

This competition is part of the AXA Project of Paralympic Swimming Promises, created in 2011, whose objective is to attract new talents that can be incorporated into the Spanish Paralympic team and guarantee generational succession.

The objective is to achieve a high level of performance of the selected swimmers in the medium and long term, through technical training and specialization plans, attendance at national and international competitions, and support for coaches and clubs, with an eye on the Olympic Games. Paris 2024.