The arrival of Álvaro Vadillo put the definitive closure on the Espanyol marketAfter a somewhat strange summer … Felipe Miñambres signed to the extreme for Celta and, without even having debuted, he left on loan to the Catalan team. The most curious thing is that this was not the first time that Felipe signed him or, at least, it is not the first time that he tried. This last Parakeet reinforcement could be a Rayo player in the summer of 2015.

By then Vadillo wore the Betis shirt, although injuries had prevented him from having a leading role. Hence, the Betic club saw with good eyes the separation of the soccer player to head to Vallecas. Of course, reserving a buyback option and a percentage in a hypothetical future sale. At the end of August 2015, The operation was so advanced that the winger traveled to Madrid to pass the relevant medical examination.

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But there is no better example of a frustrated signing than this one. The reason for the discord? The clauses that the Andalusian entity wanted to introduce. This was stated by the president of Rayo himself in the presentation of Javi Guerra and Pablo Hernández. “Vadillo wanted to come, but Betis did not accept our conditions”, Raúl Martín Presa settled, after rumors emerged that the player's knees could not have received the approval of the Franco-red medical services.

Too the footballer wanted to influence that his signing did not crystallize due to the differences between the clubs when addressing conditions. “There has been speculation with the knee, but Rayo's president made it very clear that the reasons were contractual. You did well to clarify it and I thank you “, confessed the extreme in Seville newspaper, while confirming that it was, specifically, the buyback option: “That's why things did not go well.”

After those comings and goings, Vadillo rejoined the Betis discipline, team with which he had achieved promotion in 2014-15. However, that 15-16 season he barely played 88 minutes in the First Division. So that he packed his bags to sign for Huesca (16-18, rose to the top flight again in his second season) and for Granada (18-20, ascending in his first year as a Nasrid). This Sunday they will meet in Vallecas what was and what could have been …


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