Rafael Nadal was all sweat at the match at the Queens. He changed the dress several times and perhaps, set a record of sorts for the towels most used in a match. And with that, he proceeded to the next round of the game in the US Open this year.

We were just hoping to find him to the semis and not fall like a few of the top seeds who have already fallen so far. It was Novak Djokovic who is No 1 and the defending champion. He was taken out injured while playing with Stan Wawrinka. Then, he was followed by Roger Federer, the No 3 player who was shown the exit by Grigor Dimitrov. It should be noticed that he was a 20-times major winner so far.

He beat Diego Schwartzman of Argentina by 6-4, 7-5, 6-2. This was his 33rd Grand Slam victory in a quarterfinal match. The match was cheered by the tennis lovers and was found to be the most entertaining straight-set win ever in the series this year.

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“Here I am in the semifinals, and that’s the most important thing,” was what Federer had to say soon after the match. The match was the 8th win for Nadal against Schwartzman. The 20th seed Argentinian was looking ahead to winning the quarters and become the shortest ever player to reach the semis after 5-foot-6 Harold Solomon had reached the semi-finals in 1980 in the French Open. Schwartzman is 5-foot-7 inch.

With Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic out of the reckoning already, Rafael Nadal can be the next best bet to win this year’s US Open.

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