To the United he is going, capable of rushing into the Champions and yet react in the best way in the league. He is not afraid of the challenge of unseating the Liverpool of the throne because he does not have to pass accounts to anyone, much less favorite to the Premier. But the team, spurred on by Bruno fernandes and by Rashford, it is believed that he can face the king. And the first step to start 2021 in a good way is through Old trafford, with a crash with a trap in front of the surprising Aston Villa.

The box Dean smith it has found its way into the noble zone, now a place where there is always room for a luxury guest. AND Grealish he wants to stay permanently because he wants to play in Europe. The English footballer improves to Aston Villa every time he comes out in the eleven, and he already left his mark last season in Old trafford with a bit of beautiful workmanship. On January 1, he returns to the crime scene ready to test his rival's confidence, apparently reinforced after winning the discount at Wolves Few days ago.

A duel in which Solskjaer has to try to maintain the defensive stability of the United, fear to improve a team that if it wants to be champion has to pass tests such as the Aston Villa.


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