Unfortunate: the fight between Neymar, Di María and Álvaro at PSG – Marseille

The defeat of PSG in front of Olympique de Marseille in the Parc des Princes he ended up with some unfortunate images that closed a game full of tension: a camp battle that you finished with five players sent off: Walls, Neymar and Kurzawa by the PSG and Benedetto and Amavi of the Olympique.

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Neymar was sent off after the referee saw the action in the VAR

The game had been tense at all times, but the tangana broke out in the last moments. After a foul in midfield the players from both teams got into a fight in which there were shoves, kicks and some punches.

In the midst of confusion Neymar hit Álvaro with his fist on the head and from behind. The referee saw the action in the VAR and sent off the Brazilian.

Neymar justifies his punch and does not regret

When he left the field, the latter justified himself by saying that Álvaro had directed a racist insult to him. “Because he was a racist. That's why I hit him “explained Neymar. At the end of the game, the forward has published a very forceful tweet in which he did not back down: “I just regret not hitting that asshole in the face.”. Before, Di María would have spit on ÁlvaroAlthough the saliva might not have reached the defender.