Slots are one of the most popular casino games out there. The popularity of slots has doubled since the time it is digitised. It was first introduced in the 1990s and today, they have turned out to be one of the most played games in casinos.

An important aspect of online casino slot games is the RTP (Return to Player) rating. It shows how much you can receive for your initial deposit. Some slots also offer you free spins. This means you can play without making any deposit.

To make the most out of your slot game, you need to find the slot that has the right combination of bonuses, features, and theme. Speaking of which, there are different types of spins available out there. If you want to try out different slot types, then you should go to sites like Comeon.

Types of Slot Games

To give you an idea, we have described each of the slots games types below. Let’s see if you have tried all the types or not.

  • Classic Slots

Classic slots are perhaps the simplest slots game you will find. It is also known as ‘fruities’, as they use symbols such as lemons, cherries, Poker high cards, Liberty Bells, and Lucky 7s. 

It has a very minimalistic playing area and gives players an exciting experience. The best type of classic slots is the five-reel classic. However, traditional classic slots have only three reels. As a part of modern adaptations, they have added many free spins with no deposit and bonus rounds options to make the game more interesting. Many casinos also offer you to play classic slots for free.  

  • Video slots

Video slots are just the opposite of traditional slots. They don’t require mechanical levers and reels. Instead, you can activate them with just a press of a digital button. 

This type of slot has become increasingly popular in today’s time. They usually consist of five reels. However, some of them also come with more reels. The good thing about these slots is that they come with multiple pay lines. This means you will have more chances of winning. 

  • Multi-Payline Slot Games

The next best type of slots games is the multiple pay line slots. This type of slot has long existed in land-based digital slot machines. The main advantage of multi-pay line slots is that it allows you to increase your winning potential. 

Many multi-pay line slot games have 100 or 50 eligible pay lines. However, a good game should have 10 paylines. 

  • Virtual Reality Slots

VR slots games are designed to give you a great experience. This type of slot makes use of helmets, sound systems and multiple LED displays to operate. The idea is to give players an immersive experience.

If you want to enjoy a more realistic experience, then you must try out this type of slot. Many big casinos have adopted VR slots in the catalog of casinos.

  • Slots Free with Bonus

The best thing about slot online games is that they provide limitless possibilities to win. Not just that, but they also come with many added features. For instance, modern slot games make use of a lot of sound effects and animations impress players.

On the other hand, many online slot games make use of bonus features to trigger a specific event. This provides players with a modified round with sticky reels or interactive mini-games. Another common feature is the free spin rounds that are triggered by landing the scatter symbol on the reels.  

  • 3D Slot Games

3D slots are modern slots games. They come with more details along with impressive graphics. This type of slots games were first released in the 1990s. Today, we have better and improved versions of 3D slots games that look great. They not only have superior graphics, but they also make use of colourful animations and vibrant sound effects that match the theme of the game.

  • Progressive Slot Games

Another type of slots games is the progressive slots. This is just like progressive jackpots that are found in offline casinos. The main highlight of this type of slots games is the jackpot. The best thing is that every played contributes to the jackpot, using their bets. As you spin the reels, the progressive jackpot increases in real-time. However, only the lucky players get to win the jackpot. Players have attracted to progressive slots games because they have a huge payout. You can learn more about progressive slots and related news on this site . 

Slots are one of the most exciting casino games to try. Unlike other games, it doesn’t involve any hard rules or strategy making. You should try out all the different slots types to get a better experience.