Martha I can She has been definitively fired this week and has stopped working at Mediaset. She confirmed it herself through her Instagram profile and this same social network has been used by her boyfriend, Antonio David Floresalso banned from the chain for a year now, to support her, encourage her and point out those she considers guilty: “It is obvious that the order comes from the noble floor and that they have to extinguish all the people who are related to me”, He has written without dissimulating.

“I have received a notice of disciplinary dismissal from the company I have been working for since 2017,” the reporter confirmed this Friday. There have been reactions of all kinds, such as that of Cristina Porta, the partner whom I interrupted during a live show for the program Save me.

But the reaction of her boyfriend was missing, separated from Telecinco in March 2021 after the statements of his ex-wife, Rocio Carrasco. After pointing out the directors of the chain, the former civil guard has defended his girlfriend tooth and nail.

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“They never accepted that you say NO to all their Machiavellian offers, they never understood that you wanted to separate your profession from your private life, from there they gave you an account, they publicly asked for your dismissal, they humiliated you, they harassed you, they left you unprotected, forgetting that you worked for them. Better not be where they hurt you, where they don’t want you, where they don’t value you”, he has made clear.

AD has continued to praise Marta in everything: “A window closes, but a door opens. You are a great woman and an excellent journalist with a great professional future,” he says, and then adds the hashtag as encouragement #strongernever #don’t be afraid #indestructible #love you.

Antonio David has already publicly defended his girl before. In February, he described what was happening as “unacceptable” and charged against the Fuencarral chain: “They are the factory of manipulation. They impose a single thought. They are specialists in distorting reality and inciting their public to hatred, harassment and destroying people’s lives, viciously deceiving them all when they have the most to hide,” he said. It should not be forgotten that he participated for many years in different programs on the network.

Marta Riesco has become much better known for her relationship with Antonio David since their romance began in 2022, and she has never shied away from a confrontation with other faces of Telecinco, such as Jorge Javier Vazquez or the most recent with Cristina Porta.

Marta has started legal proceedings to challenge her dismissal, about which she is going to keep silent on the advice of her lawyers. “Now I have to recover as best as possible from this unfair situation and take care of my health and my family. Today more than ever, Indestructible”, she has said publicly.