The situation around Haaland is filling with uncertainties. On the one hand, the health problems of his representative, Mino Raiola, who has been re-admitted to the San Rafaelle hospital without accurate news of the seriousness of his situation, although he was discharged yesterday. On the other, the nervousness that is beginning to spread within Borussia itself, whose CEO, Watzke, was dispatched with an unseemly statement about the entity’s ultimatum to his player, which Haaland himself had recognized. “That’s bullshit,” he said. An escalation of tensions around the Norwegian’s situation that even baffles the teams trying to sign him.

Photo by Erling Braut Haaland

was the diary image the one that unveiled Raiola’s new admission to the San Rafaelle hospital in Milan. “It is a lung condition not linked to the coronavirus,” the media reported.. Yesterday afternoon, Mediaset Sport reported that Raiola was discharged after spending several hours in the ICU. Haaland’s representative was already intervened at the beginning of January in the same center, although the reason was not disclosed either. “A scheduled operation”, he limited himself to informing his environment, which in the face of this new admission and the possible seriousness of Raiola, has once again denied the information: “A fake in very bad taste.”

Either way, every piece of information regarding Raiola’s health problems falls like a bomb on the market. The Italian’s representation agency is not common, since his way of working is very personal and his team is reduced to a bunch of no more than four or five people, including an image consultant, an economist and a lawyer . He does not have a great infrastructure behind him like Jonathan Barnett or Jorge Mendes, with offices in various parts of the world and an extensive organization chart. An eventual medical event with Raiola could undoubtedly affect Haaland’s immediate future. The agent has a great deal of influence on the decisions his first spades make.

While the news about Raiola’s condition arrives confused, In Borussia the illusion grows to get Haaland, with a contract until 2024, to stay one more season in Dortmund. “There is no stipulated deadline to achieve it,” said Han Joaquim Watzke recently, as a tagline to his “bullshit” argument. However, Haaland himself had acknowledged, a week earlier, having received pressure: “Borussia is pressuring me to make a decision on some things. But I just want to play soccer. That probably means I’ll have to get things up and running soon. I have never spoken before to respect the club. Things are going to happen soon. The ideal would be not to have to decide now because there are many games and I would like to focus on that, but I can’t…”. A revelation that Watzke then took for granted: “Haaland is a spontaneous person, a young boy. No problem with Erling. But you must also understand our situation. We can’t wait until the end of May.”

Borussia wants Haaland to say as soon as possible if he is still at Borussia or is leaving, and if he wants to leave, to say where, because a price will have to be negotiated. There is a verbal agreement between Raiola and Borussia itself to facilitate his departure this summer for an amount that will be between 75 and 100 million. But the situation, instead of clarifying, is filled with uncertainties.