The Portuguese authorities have decreed the confinement of Lisbon, specifically 19 of its 24 districts due to the increase in cases and deaths of coronavirus. In total, Portugal has 40,415 infected people, 311 more cases than on Wednesday, and the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region they are among the most affected by the pandemic, accumulating 77% of the new positives. According to the ‘Publico’ newspaper, Portugal has chained four days with more cases of contagion than recovered, so the authorities do not rule out new measures.

Despite the figures, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of Portugal, assured that the situation is under control: “The numbers show that there is no lack of control, there would be if there were more than double the number of cases pressing the number of those admitted to intensive care ”. The assistant secretary of state for health, Jamila Madeira, added for her part that the situation of the Portuguese hospitals is not critical nor are they suffering any kind of collapse. Despite this, the Portuguese health authorities already reinforced the containment measures two days ago, announcing the ban on meetings of more than ten people, when the limit had been increased to 20 throughout the country, as well as the closure of cafes and shops from 8:00 p.m.

This outbreak in Portugal, one of the countries indicated as an example of containment of the COVID-19, comes a few days after the UEFA Executive Committee decided on June 17 that the Champions League would end the 2020 season with a final phase of the match Unique among the top eight teams in Lisbon between August 12 and 23or. Now, UEFA must keep an eye on the evolution of the 'second wave', as some political parties of the Portuguese opposition already call it, and study all the possibilities that open up after the government's call for the “civic duty of home recollection “