The UEFA has sanctioned with 29,000 euros to grenade for various breaches in the game against Napoli, according to the Ideal newspaper.

Diego Martínez, sanctioned with a game, which is suspended: if in a year he does not commit any infraction, he will not be executed

The reason for the sanction would be to have returned onto the pitch, after half-time in the second leg of the Europa League 1/16 final, late, for which the club must pay 10,000 euros. And also for having held the classification with the entire expedition on the same pitch (another 10,000 euros), to which must be added the economic amount of the cards that Diego Martínez's men saw during the crash (9,000 euros).

The European body has also sanctioned the technician Nazarí, Diego Martínez, with a match, a punishment that is suspended: if within a year the Andalusian team coach does not commit any infraction, the sanction will be nothing. Otherwise, you must comply with it.


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