Twelve Olympique de Marseille (OM) fans were sentenced to prison terms this Wednesday, although exempt from compliance for eleven of them, for the attack perpetrated against the club's training center on January 30.

Coat of Arms / Flag Marseille

The Correctional Court of Marseille imposed three months in prison firm against one of these amateurs because he had previously been convicted of robbery, the media reported.

The other eleven were sentenced to six months exempt from compliance and will only enter jail in case of repeat offenses.

The four who had been in provisional prison in the last three weeks and who were arrested in court, they had to be released tonight.

At the origin of this process are the altercations that took place on the afternoon of January 30 at the Commanderie, the OM training center, a few hours before the league game that the Marseille team had scheduled with Rennes, and that had to be finally postponed.

About 300 fans attacked the police who were guarding the complexSome of them entered the interior and vandalized the facilities, in a protest action against the management.

In those incidents in which seven officers were slightly injured and in which the Spanish player Álvaro González was hit by an object on his back, the club estimated the material damage in tens of thousands of euros.


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