The de-escalation continues in Spainbut of asymmetric way. This upset plans up twelve First and Second Division teams who see how their provinces remain in the Phase 0 and lag behind. This happens just at the moment when the clubs should face the third phase of the LaLiga protocol for the return to competition, scheduled for June 12 for lack of officiality and that the evolution of the pandemic he allows it. In this scenario that the Spanish teams enter would be in the power exercisee in pairs or in small groups after a first week of individual training, which requires living in a province with Phase 1 de-escalation. But it will be activities that, a priori, they will not be able to carry out twelve teams, among those who would be Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético.

The Higher Sports Council indicates in its protocol that professional athletes must train in the Phase 0 only from individual way. It is forbidden to do it with a partner. And, as the Government announced yesterday, the Community of Madrid, Barcelona and a large part of Castilla y León remain in this phase, what force twelve of the 42 teams that make up the First and Second Division to continue training still from individually. Something that would create a inequality between clubs for the return to the competition and that could further generate and delay the return of the competition.

Even if there is an option so that these twelve teams can keep up with the rest of the territories that will enter Phase 1 on Monday. government take out one ministerial order like bull so they can work out also in couples or small groups. One way which was already used a couple of weeks ago, when professional clubs were authorized open their Sports Cities so that they could start their training while the rest of the Spaniards could only exercise outdoors in two time zones.

The teams that they must continue training individually unless expressly authorized by the Ministry will be: Real Madrid, Atlético, Leganés, Getafe, Espanyol, Barcelona, ​​Valladolid, Mirandés, Alcorcón, Rayo, Fuenlabrada and Numancia.