Chelsea have taken a new course since Thomas Tuchel landed on the bench at the end of January. The London club is currently fourth in the Premier League standings, one point behind Leicester and three behind United. They have proven to be one of the fittest teams in the English league. In England they have revealed one of the tricks used by the German coach.

The Sun ensures that the coach has established a code of conduct for his players at Chelsea to mislead rivals when they attack. That is, a series of players use a secret vocabulary to fool the rest. This way they help their teammates to know where they have to run and if they are going to play the ball long or if they are going to choose to do it short.

'You have no idea what's going on, but they know exactly what they're doing. “

Chelsea rival

A rival player confirmed it to the English newspaper: 'You have no idea what is happening, but they know exactly what they are doing. It just makes attacks faster and more deadly because sometimes a guy passing by doesn't even have to look up to know where the striker will be. They also use different words all the time so you can't even figure them out during the game“, he revealed.

Whether it's because of this tactic or not, what is clear is that Tuchel has given Chelsea a definite turn. The defense has regained its security. the schema change works and has returned exiled players like Werner or Marcos Alonso.