It took half a year Tuchel in winning love at Chelsea. The German shook a depressed dressing room until he became European champion against the odds. At PSG he stayed at the doors long ago. The coach spoke openly at La Gazzetta dello Sport and revealed that it was not pleasant to deal with the environment of Neymar and of Mbappé: “It is easier to train people like Lukaku,” he said, worn out by the management of family and friends of those stars.

For Tuchel, directing PSG and Chelsea has nothing to do with it. Work routines are radically opposite: “In London I can perform my duties more easily.” A reflection that makes with the perspective that gives him the time and the experience of having known both clubs. The inherent noise in Paris did not make things any better for him. More than a coach, the German feels that he was more of a coordinator than anything else at PSG.

Tuchel, who participated in the Sports Festival organized by the Italian newspaper, praised the success of Roberto Mancini in the last European Championship and confessed which teams he liked as a child: Inter de Matthew and the Barça. The Catalan team was followed when he was older, already as a coach, amazed by the game of that team of Guardiola. In England, the German has managed to decipher Santpedor’s on more than one occasion. His best night, however, was in Porto.