The reactions have been forceful. The first, from Buckingham, who has urged the protagonist of the episode to resign from her position. The second, that of Prince William, recently landed in Boston. The heir, firm in the face of the lady’s racist comments Susan Hussey, assistant to the queen consort, has strongly condemned his words with a resounding “it is unacceptable”. Hussey has been forced to resign. The Royal House has declared in a statement that the assistant’s actions are “very unfortunate”. In the photo above, on the left, Some Skinwho has shared the episode on networks in which Hussey blurts out: “What part of Africa are you from?” Above, to the right, a photo of the former assistant to the queen consort.

Lady Susan Hussey, in addition to having served as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II, is William’s own godmother. The assistant she participated in a hearing at Buckingham Palace on November 29 that dealt with equality and the fight against gender violence.

At one point in the act, presided over by Camilla In Buckingham, one of the participants, Ngozi Fulani, president of the NGO Sistah Space, found herself questioned insistently by Hussey. The manners and tone with which she was questioned have been shared by Fulani herself on her Twitter. “Mixed feelings…Lady SH came up to me and touched my hair to see my name on the badge…The rest of the act is a blur.” Bottom photo, Camilla at the event on equality.

Hussey repeatedly asked him where he came from: “You have to know where you’re from.” She replied: “From here, from the UK.” But the assistant insisted: “No, but what nationality?” Ngozi reiterated that in the United Kingdom with a clear “I was born here, I am British.” The former assistant continued with her rhetoric: “Where do you really come from? Where do your people come from?” To which the director of the NGO replied: “My people? Madam, what is this?” The conversation continued in the same tone. “When was the first time you came here.” Until Fulani replied that she was of “African descent”, “Caribbean heritage” and “British nationality”.

The palace’s response to this episode has been relentless: “We take this incident extremely seriously and have immediately investigated to establish all the details. In this case, there have been unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments“, reads the statement.