triumphs with the “Dove effect” that has made him more familiar

The second night of Luis Miguel in the stadium Santiago Bernabeu It was the confirmation that the Sun of Mexico has one foot in Spain. A full house, a devoted audience, a light and colour effect to lift up the audience who left their throats behind supporting the singer. It was an exhibition of good taste, a good voice and a very good selection of songs.

Because Luis Miguel has a repertoire that is too wide to be able to synthesize his best songs in a single concert. But he succeeds. He takes refuge in the classics, those that never fail. The boleros, his tributes to Armando Manzanero, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra… And the mariachi. That is what a party is all about. There he rips off his jacket to show off a black satin shirt and when he starts with the Bikini, all you miss is a few shots of tequila to get excited. The beloved Mexico, the country that gave him everything, has something that is contagious. And in Madrid, the proximity to the Aztec culture has too many ties for us not to understand each other.

Luis Miguel is a dandy on stage. A mix between Sinatra, Julio Iglesias or Dean Martin. But without losing his essence. He is handsome, very much so, and more well-groomed than in previous years, and he has what is already known as the “dove effect” that he should even patent. Slim, agile, smiling, affectionate and happy. And that is transmitted from the stage. In the front row, his blood family. His daughter Michelle, with her husband; his brother Alejandro with his wife, his nephew. Also his family of Love. Paloma Cuevas’ girls, the marriage formed by Raúl González and Mamen Sanz, with their parents and some of their children. They are the unconditional ones who are always there.

In the stands many familiar faces such as Anabel Pantoja pregnant with her first child and her friend Belen Esteban or Isabel Gemio, the stylist Cristina Reyes or the influencer Pelayo Díaz, a good friend of Michelle Salas. I also saw Veronica Zabala with her son, Pablo Sendagorta and the beautiful Remedios Cervantes who was back again. Returning to the stage, it is clear that there is a union in this new life of Luis Miguel that Paloma has marked and that has created bonds that seem impossible to break. And when he sings about love, he does so with conviction. You can see that he feels it and lives it.

True to her discretion, Paloma Cuevas did not appear among the audience, staying behind the stage as she has always done. Natalia Figueroa when she accompanied Raphael on his tours. At most she watches the gala from behind a curtain and she understands that the spotlight should only be on the artist. But that doesn’t mean that yesterday, after leaving their second night at the Bernabéu, the couple left the stadium in the car that took them there, but calmly enough so that the cameras could see them and the people could applaud them when they saw their happy faces. Luis Miguel in black, and Paloma in radiant white. It wasn’t a wedding, but it was the consecration that this union has managed to bring out the best version of a Luis Miguel who will continue touring unstoppable and with his entire family at his side. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to miss another minute of the company of his loved ones and as the classic saying goes: in the end, family is what matters.