Tottenham takes the lead in the negotiation for Reguilón

The resolution of future of Sergio Reguilón (23 years old), The defender of the League who completed the most actions in the rival area (105) among all competitions in 2019-20, is approaching. Tottenham have taken the lead to get his loan, according to sources familiar with the negotiation have informed this newspaper. From London If the agreement is finalized, Manchester United and Inter, the other two most powerful stakeholders in the Madrid youth squad, will go ahead, that Zidane likes a lot in the white club but not enough, at least to date,.

In Old Trafford had positioned themselves very well, seducing a Reguilón who, not being able to fulfill his desire to return to the Bernabéu, sees the adventure in the Premier with very good eyes. The talks progressed, but It was very difficult to overcome the great inconvenience: Madrid, which is asking for some 30 million euros for it, wants to reserve a buyback option; United, however, does not contemplate it. The Mancuniana sports management and Solskjaer sought to bet strongly, with a long-term relationship, on the left-hander and, in addition, consider it illogical due to the prestige of the entity to give up having absolute decision-making power about the footballer.

Direct contact with Levy and Mourinho

In that tug of war, that road has been closing, since This difference that separates the parties is not irrelevant, but a core one. And at the table there were two other candidates with more possibilities than what has transpired in recent weeks. Are the Tottenham, whose senior managers have been personally involved in the operation and do not oppose the acceptance of a buyback option, and Inter, that maintains a very good relationship with Concha Espina and that already closed the purchase of Achraf (40 million plus 5 in variables) this summer. The appeal of the Premier and how the Spurs leaders have managed the situation tip the balance.

For a march to Milan he could present himself as a the vigilance of the Italian Federation and FIFA (explained in article 18bis of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players) in relation to the buy-back clauses. Its objective is to control that they are not used as part of the current economic engineering of clubs to balance accounts and achieve capital gains, which discourages this route. That is why with Achraf the formula of the right of first refusal was chosen.