Tottenham continue with their old vices this season. Not even with Antonio Conte on the bench, the English team seems to react, after their erratic passage in the Premier -7th in the table- they will have to suffer more than expected to stay alive in the Conference League.

The ‘spurs’ derailed before bottom Mura (2-1) and see how they can no longer pass the round as first in the group. They will need to beat Stade Rennais on the final day to clinch second place after another embarrassing performance, this time in Slovenia.

Bad start of the game

The first half was disastrous for the English team. As soon as the duel began, Horvat unleashed the Mura party with an unappealable left foot that slipped through the squad (11 ‘) of Gollini, a starter to the detriment of Hugo Lloris.

Things got worse when Sessegnon recklessly entered and won the second yellow just after half an hour of play. Tottenham had to come back with one less footballer courtesy of the Englishman.

It was Kane -who else- who tried to connect the ‘spurs’ to the game, but his shot on goal came close to the post. Conte’s ensemble was intoned, or so it seemed, though Lorbek scared him to death when he tried to emulate Horvat. His thread, but, did not find a goal.

The second half saw Tottenham improve, especially as a result of Son Heung-Min’s entry into the field. The South Korean tried as soon as he entered the game, just before Kane tried Obradovic’s gloves on from a corner.

The English striker later did not forgive the doubts of the Slovenian defense, who allowed the ball to reach the scorer, who finished with a precious mince (72 ‘).

There was plenty of time to complete the comeback, but Tottenham’s efforts were in vain. Mura withstood the attacks of the English team and just before the end gave him the finishing touch in a lucky counter by Marosa (94 ‘).

Tottenham is difficult to go to the next round and must beat Stade Rennais on the last day to be second. But beware, if Vitesse, with whom he is tied on points, he also has options to pass, although in his case he will have to beat Mura to improve his ‘goal average’.