Simeone knows that for many seasons now that his four centrals are desired. I start everything, cornerstone of your system. No matter the names, say Godín, say Lucas, now Felipe. The Cholo centrals are efficiency, solidity, defense … and longings on the part of their rivals. Because everyone has a poster. And a lot. In recent weeks a name has been repeated on the wish lists of many clubs in Europe. The one with Stefan Savic. The Montenegrin center-back, 29 years old and with a contract with the Atletico club for two more seasons, until 2022, is followed both by Spain (Valencia) and from abroad (Juventus). In the last hours two teams have joined, according to TDfichajes: Monaco and Tottenham.

Athletic Shield / Flag

From France and England they tempt the central defender who came to Atlético with a good sign from Italy, after his good years at Fiorentina (from 2012 to 2015). With a market value of 25.50 million according to the specialized Transfermarkt page, its best guarantee is Cholo. Its efficiency and cleanliness have served to gain the confidence of the Argentine coach. Without great fuss, Savic is expeditious and compliant.

Second central for Cholo

This season he is the second most used center back by Cholo of his four and the tenth field playerThat is, a starter, with 1,672 minutes spread over 19 games. And that a muscle injury stopped him from October to January. The season began being the undisputed starter with Giménez and closing the door for two signings like Felipe's (Time has made him 'boss' behind) and beautiful (one of the defenders of the last League). That injury (and his subsequent relapse) took him out of eleven but as soon as he returned he broke the Felipe-Hermoso couple to regain his place on the right. Not even the recovery of the Commander Giménez, called to be the Boss real defense, by hierarchy, character and inheritance (of Godín), they removed him. Now they want Monaco and Tottenham. All those who write their names on their wish lists in round letters, looking at the summer full of longings.


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