Torres on his goodbye and Simeone: “I don't know if there was something personal or professional … a critical point was reached”

'The Last Symbol', The documentary that reviews the sports career of Fernando Torres, former player of
Atlético de Madrid
, It is now available.

Review the life of the player visiting iconic and symbolic places in the sports career of the soccer player Atlético de Madrid. And among them, his last goodbye to the club of his life, the mattress team. Some reflections that have generated a stir because it talks about the relationship with Diego Pablo Simeone, especially on this difficult stretch.

El Niño explained that the situation forced him to leave in this second stage. “I could accept the reality that maybe I was not in a position to start all 40 games this season, but I could never understand how I would not even have sitting on the bench for the games,” said the player in the aforementioned documentary.

The Fuenlabreño recalled some of his feelings at this complex moment. “What I felt was a great responsibility towards the fans. I never asked Simeone no kind of explanation because I know how it is. I don't know if it was personal or professional or a bit of both. I understand that it can be difficult for a coach to manage the return of a player like me. But at some point everything came to a head. It just exploded. “

After the 15/16 season in which he played 44 games, few at the beginning, his advisor, Antonio Sanz, He already proposed the exit. “I asked him why don't we go? I don't want to see you suffer anymore and he told me: 'There's no way I'm going now,' ”he recalled. Antonio Sanz, responsible for communication of International Bay, the agency that led the career of the Madrilenian. But it stayed until 17/18, when there was no going back.

Even the CEO of the Athletic, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, acknowledged that the situation became unsustainable. He CEO of the club led a meeting to reach an agreement between both parties. However, before the meeting, Simeone launched those controversial words about the continuity of 'Boy'In which he assured that “he would not do everything” so that the Madrilenian continued. And that marked the outcome of that meeting.

“The competitive level of Athletic, by the demand of our coach, the charisma of Fernando… All of that made it very uncomfortable for everyone to have such a charismatic person as Fernando and not playing permanently. That could damage the relationship between Diego and the. That's why I gathered them at my house. And in that meeting we agreed that the best thing was to separate for a while, ”Gil Marín recalled.

A version that differs from your own Fernando Torres. “That meeting is not quite like that. It is not given because the club interprets that it is not good to have me on the bench. I am the one who interprets it and I value if it is a good situation for me, if I agree to be the player or the idol who ends up his last on the bench, playing less and less, missing calls and turning off … but the club is not the one that tries to help me or smooth that transition. Not much less. That meeting is given by an unfortunate press conference of Simeone in which for the first time he has a bad response and an uncomfortable situation for the fans occurs. That is why this meeting takes place, to which I am going to listen. Because I think that I will be offered an apology, an explanation and it is not like that. We exchange our opinions with the owner of the club, with Miguel Angel and each one exposes their situation. There is no single or correct point of view ”.


“It was a very sincere and honest conversation that we had together. We had the opportunity to give each other a hug because he was very sincere with me and I was sincere. So after that, we came to a place where we could look at each other and talk because nobody kept anything. We were very direct, we had to be “, he recalled Simeone in the documentary.

“The most generous was Fernando because he understood that if he continued a situation of tension could be generated “, he recalled Gil Marin. “Fernando He did not want to be a problem for Atlético and that is why he made the decision to leave ”, he pointed out. Antonio Sanz.

Simeone He was my idol, then my teammate and then my coach, I understand that it must have been an uncomfortable situation for him, “he said. towers about what happened with Cholo.