Torres: “I will return to the place that allows me to help Atlético more”

Next Friday the documentary will be released: Fernando Torres: The Last Symbol. Produced by Amazon prime, will review the entire career of the former striker, from his beginnings at Atlético to his retirement in Japan, a last stage after which it has begun to form for the future, although it clarifies that it will be long-term, since “ha little over a year ago I retired and now I want to enjoy my time and my family“.

Ricardo Cabornero, Head of Prime Video Content and Ignacio Corrales, CEO of Buendía Estudios, accompanied Fernando Torres in the presentation held at the Wanda Metropolitano indicating that during the documentary you will be able to see “a very thoughtful Fernando who has opened up for us. He reviews his departure from the club giving some key resources for the evolution of Atlético, his time in Liverpool, the Champions League at Chelsea, the return to the club of his heart and the last years in Japan “. After the event, El Niño spoke to the media and spoke about both his past and his future. “In this movie are all the whys for the decisions I have made. I have not played as many games here (at the Metropolitano) as at the Calderón, but I have lived very beautiful moments like my farewell. It is the perfect setting. I have been able to express myself and reflect on everything I have experienced and Atlético is an important part of my life “.

A future that for Torres involves “preparing for the coaching course and working on sports management for what may come in the future. What comes will not be in the short term, I need time to prepare and the future will tell. that I can go back to football. I will return to the place that allows me to help Atlético more, not myself. I do not know yet what that position is, if it exists, if I will be able to have it in the future. “Of course, it makes it clear that for the moment its first objective”as soon as possible is to return here as an amateur, which is what I most want. I watch football without an audience in the stands and it doesn't make much sense. Soccer is transmitting emotions and hopefully we can return as soon as possible. That is seen in the short term as an amateur, if an opportunity comes, accept it, but my plans do not happen in the short term. I need time to be well prepared and to be able to take responsibility“.

Fernando Torres also reviewed his debut at Atlético and what it meant for the fans. “I think that for the stands it was a light, a hope when I arrived and stepped out onto the lawn when I was just 17 years old. Whenever a youth squad makes his debut, you see hope, a light and hope that everything will be like in the best years. Those were times of assuming enormous responsibility and then came one of the hardest moments. Separating from the club was one of the most difficult moments and I think that today, after my return and goodbye, Atleti is the only thing in the world that can control my illusions apart from my family and there will be a future “.

Athletic Shield / Flag

A debut that meant “fulfilling my dreams. Stepping on the Calderón, the following week scoring a goal and giving hope of promotion, was living in a cloud from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I was only aware of what I lived, like playing with friends, being with those who are still your idols and looking at the call to see if you are. When you are playing games and you are one of them, there is greater responsibility and the circle that surrounds you begins to be more important, your mental strength … it was a dream. He had never dreamed of winning the World Cup, but he did make his debut with the first team and score. I achieved those goals very early and then we had to look for others. “

The teachings of Luis Aragonés

Regarding the coaches who have marked the most in his career, Torres has no doubt in highlighting one above the rest. “The ability to learn a little from each coach is a virtue. If I had to choose one, it would undoubtedly be Luis Aragonés. But I have learned from the coaches I have had, management, day to day, training … there are many parts to control. You can see the difficulty he has and when he is a footballer it is not taken into account.

If one day I consider that I have to be a coach I am clear that it will occupy me all day, it is a tremendous wear and tear and I have lived it in my coaches. I would take a little of the many that I have had, but without a doubt if I had to choose one it would be Luis. My first stage with him came to me very young, without the necessary maturity to understand everything he said to me and I lost many lessons. In the National Team he was more mature and I could understand him better. He was the person who prepared me for what football brought behind. The media, rest, relationships with colleagues and things that I did not understand. There were things that I understood seven or eight years later. ”

Liverpool souvenirs

Torres left Atlético to wear the Liverpool shirt where he perhaps gave his best sporting performance, finishing as a Bronze Ball in 2008. El Niño also explained his arrival at the English club: “For Liverpool perhaps I was a stranger and I was also a hope to return to being the team that ruled in the United Kingdom. We always stay at the gates, hence the decision to leave. It was a short period, three and a half years and at first the fans felt anger and rejection against me, but when you can hear my version and how was the process we can say that we have made up, we keep the good times because there were no bad ones.

It was a departure taken out of context by the British media, but I think the fans understood that it was the departure of a footballer to advance his career. It hurt me that they booed me, because I couldn't stop loving the Liverpool fans. Of course I would have liked to always be at Atleti, to be one club manBut the years at Liverpool were tremendously happy. My memories of Anfield and the Liverpool fans are only good. If I had seen and read what the media said, I would also have booed as a spectator, now they have my version. “

Withdrawal in Japan

The former footballer took his last steps in soccer in Japan. “We are looking for something different and that will serve us as a family on a personal level. It was an incredibly enriching personal experience, also due to the privacy and respect of the people. Being able to go to a shopping center, walk down the street, ride a bicycle so quietly, something that you cannot here. It was a football that I was not prepared for, I don't know how to play football if it is not to compete against the best. That's why I only stayed for a year, my thing was to compete and not play football, but it was a fantastic year. “

Message for children

Finally, Torres also sent a message for young people who dream of becoming like him. “My dream was to play for Calderón, to be able to play in the first team for a game and everything that has come after has been a gift. This is why I tell children to dream big. I never dreamed of the World Cup because I had not seen it, but we can too, once you mark the dream you have to help them. I did it the other way around, I set a step that I achieved when I was 17 years old and I was well surrounded to set goals and continue. To the players who go up I would tell them to always listen to the elderly, surely to those I did not understand and with whom I spent less time. Also that it is self-critical, something that is learned reaching the end of the race. At the beginning there is an ego and there is little self-criticism and I think it is a necessary tool to evolve. Luis told me and I didn't understand it at first. “