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Torra welcomes Sánchez, who proposes to open the dialogue table in February

Chris Lawrence



The chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, faces this Thursday's meeting in Barcelona with the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, with the aim of demonstrating to the Catalan citizens his firm commitment to dialogue. Although he does not expect to close any agreement with a president determined to raise issues that cannot be assumed by the Executive (self-determination referendum or prisoners' amnesty), Sánchez has proposed to the president of Catalonia that the dialogue table be launched in February.

The president has received Sánchez With honors at the door of the Generalitat after 12:00 before going up the stairs to the hall where both have posed before the graphic media before entering the room where they will keep the talk.

The axes of the “agenda for the reunion” of 44 points Sánchez has given Torra political dialogue and institutional regeneration, regional financing, improved cooperation, social policy and support for public services, boost infrastructure and support for natural disasters, according to sources from Moncloa.

It is the first of the 44 points in which the central government proposes to Torra inaugurate in February the negotiating table agreed with ERC in exchange for the investiture.

Torra, meanwhile, has gifted the chief executive two books -one in English and one in Catalan- on human rights and freedom. Catalan government sources have specified that it is about Inventing human rightsfrom Lynn Hunt, and Llibertat i sentitby Lluís Solà.

Waiting for the assessment that both will make after the conclusion of the meeting – Sanchez is expected to appear first and then Torra, the days prior to the meeting have been sown by the Government's low expectations before the interview with Torra, to which He said he would be accompanied by the Minister of Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias, although he has not been seen at the reception in the Palau.

In Moncloa, they reduced hopes that the meeting would take place “reasonably” and at least serve to normalize the relationship between the two institutions, for the good of Catalan society. While Torra came to the meeting hoping that it would help set the conditions of the negotiating table between governments agreed between ERC and PSOE but without giving up raising Sánchez the right of self-determination and amnesty for prisoners Sovereignty, the only two points that the parties and independent entities agreed to in a meeting three weeks ago.

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