Manchester City Football Club fans

So, you are a Manchester City Football Club fan and watching the games is simply not enough? If you want more? You can always place your bets on Sbobet. Welcome to the club! The world of Manchester City Football Club fan communities is as large as things get. Here are the top 5 apps that allow you to enjoy your favorite footballer and celebrate your favorite team all from the comfort of your smartphone on Buaksib!

#1. Manchester City official app

The Manchester City official app is developed by Manchester City FC Ltd. It’s a great sports app and one that’s official.

  • It brings all types of content together. News, videos, a Matchday Center, and a coveted ‘Cityzens’ experience are central to this app.
  • Staying up to date with all that’s happening in the Manchester City world – including men’s teams, women’s teams, EDS, as well as academy news.
  • You can also choose which teams you wish to follow.

One of the key strengths of this app is the ability to put various widgets right on your home screen for easy access to all things Manchester City FC!

Play Store link: here.

#2. Wallpapers for Manchester City Fans

Getting bored of the same old wallpapers? Too many mountains and beaches? Well, fret no more.

The Wallpapers for Manchester City Fans app allows you to customize your home screen in truly breathtaking ways.

This app gives you a myriad of high-quality pictures to choose from. No matter what your taste – minimal, modern, grunge, bright, dark – there is a wallpaper just for you!

Play Store link: here.

#3. Manchester City Breaking News

This is a great app for those who cannot get enough of Man City FC news. The app assimilates different types of content including breaking news, opinions, commentary, transfers, videos, fixtures, results, tables, and more. You can also read up on what’s hot and what’s latest.

The app provides a very simple reader-friendly interface. It’s a no-nonsense method of getting the daily scoop in a reader-friendly way.

If you love reading and love Manchester City, then this is simply the best marriage possible between the two.

Play Store link: here.

#4. FanChants

FanChants’ full name is FanChants: Manchester City Fans Songs & Chants. Pretty clear as to what it does (or rather, has) – this is an app with 5k+ installs and overwhelmingly positive ratings.

The FanChants app was released a couple of years ago only and is still gaining in its userbase.

It includes football songs and chants that you can play through the speakers or send to your mates – perhaps for setting them as ringtones!

Any Manchester City fan will fill up with euphoria on having such an incredibly huge library of great anthems, funnies, songs, and chants related to Manchester City, both new ones and old ones.

Play Store link: here.

#5. MCFC Buzz

The MCFC Buzz is a great app to stay in the loop of transfer gossip and news. It allows fans Manchester City fans from all over the globe to receive new content almost instantaneously.

Apart from that, MCFC Buzz also has a great news section.

Play Store link: here.