Toni Nadal, uncle and trainer for many years of his nephew Rafa, during which time he obtained most of the titles of his career, went through the microphones of Radio Villa Trinidad in Argentina to review various topics. Nadal, 33 years old and 19 Grand Slam on his record, is currently number 2 in the ATP ranking after Novak Djokovic. We review the most outstanding phrases of his uncle Toni on the Argentine station:

Rivalry with Federer: “They both did a good thing for the sport. I can't imagine rivalries beyond the field, nor hatred of the rival. I think that both Rafa and Roger put into practice the essence of the sport, which is to have maximum rivalry in the track, but when the game ends, it ends. It happens with River Plate and Boca Juniors. Do you want to see your maximum rival in the second division? Normally, you want to beat him, but not see him destroyed. ” (statements collected by La Nación. Here, the audio of the full interview).

Rafa's future. “You can have three or four easy years of tennis as long as the injuries respect you, you feel motivated and the conviction to keep winning. I can't imagine Rafael playing to play on the circuit and that he doesn't care if he loses. Federer keeps playing his age (38) because he knows he can still win important titles. “

Messi and Nadal: “In the past, young people outplayed you, but today I think they end up lacking some commitment. They are good the day they play well. When they play badly after a game they say 'see you next week'. Nadal, Djokovic and Federer when they play well They win, and when they play badly too. That is the difference in a great tournament: having to win when it is not your turn to win. In the case of Messi, I have not seen anyone do what he does. My children are fans and I always they watch videos. He is the best athlete in history. “

Without excuses: “I have never liked people who complain in life because I found that who does it are people who are less willing to do something to change the situation. People who are willing to move forward do not usually complain much. I always I was saying this to Rafael. An excuse will never win you a game. “


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