It was the year 2018 when the two starred in a viral moment: in an interview in Live life, Laura Pausini took out of the closet to Toni Moreno. “You like women, don’t you?” the singer asked, to which the presenter replied: “I’m going to answer you. What do you think, that I’m not going to say anything? I don’t like women, I like you (…) I already I see the headlines: ‘Laura Pausini takes Toñi Moreno out of the closet'”.

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The woman from Sanlúcar returned to interview the Italian diva this weekend. this time in afternoon plan, his program on TVE. The complicity between the two was evident: “We should have done this interview in a closet,” Laura joked. “It was an open secret. What happens is that I had never told it. Suddenly you took it out. You pushed me out of the closet,” Toñi thanked him.

“I have to thank you. From that moment on, I felt much freer when doing interviews. And I won’t be able to sing well in life, I’m still a lesbian, but now I have a girl,” added the communicator.

The ex of Rosana and María Casado also spoke about it with the collaborators of her program: “Laura, with that naturalness, told me: ‘Hey, do you like girls?’ And I thought: ‘But what nonsense. What do I do now? Lie? Tell people, hey, I’m in love with life’ Well no, well I’m going to be honest with my life and with the public.”

The presenter, above all, wants to be an example of person and freedom for her little Lola, who turned three years old in January: “I don’t feel like a standard-bearer for anything, I feel small in many things, but every time I’m a little more activist. Well, not an activist, but since I have my daughter. I want to raise her from the truth. I don’t want my daughter to have a lie in her life. When she asks questions, I will answer her, “he assured.

Toñi also dedicates a post on networks

On Instagram, Toñi also had a few words of gratitude for the artist: “Almost five years after that interview where he supposedly ‘took me out of the closet’. That night he got my phone and apologized because he took an open secret for granted.”

Moreno, since then, is a new woman: “At that time I was not aware of the scope that this anecdote was going to have in my life. I thank Laura Pausini because her ingenuity and her naturalness helped me to free myself from a fear absurd”.

Toñi, very reserved with her private life, felt a large backpack behind her back: “He suddenly took thirty kilos off me. I never hid, but I was afraid of not being accepted, the usual thing. Sometimes you are your own closet.”

Five years later, the host only has good words for Pausini, who is promoting her new tour these days, that of her thirty-year career in music: “Years later I have met the same teenager who won the Sanremo Festival with only 18 years old. With the same fears and the same illusion. It will be that fears make us humble and not lose ourselves in egos, even though sometimes we believe we are touching the stars. Thank you Laura Pausini. Always in my heart”.