Toni Martínez arrived this season at Porto from Famaliçao. The forward signed a five-season contract for the Portuguese champion. Until this Saturday, he had only played three games and had not yet scored. However, in the third round match of the Portuguese Cup, played against Fabril, he broke his drought. And he did it in a big way. The minute 46 of the first half was played and the scoreboard still registered the initial 0-0. Otávio hung a ball in the area and Toni Martínez hooked a spectacular Chilean shot Before which the local goalkeeper could do nothing. After the match, the Spanish striker could not hide his joy, but he was cautious in his statements.

Chilean goal: “The goal was a resource, it was also a great center for Otávio. It was something that we had worked on a lot during the week, and what is trained comes out in the game. I am very happy to score my first goal.”

What do you think at the moment of the goal? “The best thing is not to think, to try to get the ball into the goal, luckily it was a great goal and now I have to do more.”

Analysis: “We had respect for Fabril. The team was very hard-working, we knew it was not going to be an easy game on a complicated field. The goal was to win, the team worked very well, that was the main objective. We are very happy.”

Words in the locker room: “We always talk about the same thing, people who are playing less, who are playing more, in the end we are all a team, we are going to fight for the titles and we have to be together, take advantage of the opportunities. It was a great day to see what we can do Now we have to continue, we have another game on Wednesday and we want to win, then in the League and again in the Cup. “

Patience: “I am a player with a lot of patience, I know where I am, I know what it took me to get here. I am very happy. Everything is easier here. We have everything we need, I am improving, on and off the field. I am trying to adapt. as fast as possible”.


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