The most beloved marriage of influencers on social networks is in luck. This Friday has come into the world Federico, his third son. she has announced it Tomas Paramo with a beautiful image in which the baby’s hand appears. A few hours earlier, the husband of Maria Garcia de Jaime warned: “Fede is already knocking on the door”.

A happy outcome after the ‘scare’ they suffered a few days ago, when María had to be hospitalized for colic that caused very high fevers at the end of the pregnancy. “Thank you all very much for having been so attentive to me these days,” she said then from the hospital. “See you soon and for a good cause. Fede has decided to camp inside my gut so whenever you want, we’ll wait for you here with open arms.”

Tomás and María, intimates of Victoria Federica, they married in September 2019, three years after having their first child, Tomás. Despite their youth (27 and 26 years old), they were always clear that they wanted to start a big family, so in 2021 their second daughter, Catalina, came into the world. With Fede they become a large family and they have already warned that he will not be the last.