Tom Hanks conquers social networks with broken Spanish: “Meatballs!”

The actor, one of the most beloved and acclaimed in Hollywood, visited Madrid this Monday to premiere his new film, The worst neighboor in the world. A comedy that he has presented on the red carpet and also in the anthillwhere he has surprised everyone by speaking broken Spanish: “Where is the library? There in front. I have to read the newspaper.”

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Tom Hanks He explained: “In the United States they give us Spanish classes at school but they only teach us to say that… Ah, well, I also know how to say ‘Meatballs’, he said, causing laughter from all present. The actor’s interview has been highly commented on social networks, where they have applauded the quality and sympathy of the interpreter, who has let his hair down to tell anecdotes about filming: “My wife, Rita Wilson, is a producer, but I haven’t negotiated with her. I’ve just done everything she told me to do.”

Precisely with her and with her son Trumanwith whom he stars in the film, has posed in the center of Madrid to present the film, in which he plays Otto: “My character is angry with the world because nobody complies with the rules.”

Hanks, 66, has also talked about his illness, Type 2 Diabetes, which he was diagnosed with four years ago: “I have to be careful with what I eat, I have to keep my figure, the traffic… The junk food that I ate when I was young has taken its toll,” he explained.