Tom Brady And Lebron James
Tom Brady And Lebron James

Fans and viewers are all having excitement for the upcoming sports series to watch on Apple TV Plus. There are so many rumors about the new sports series and what is it going to offer for entertainment. But most people are eager to know about the two greatest athletes that are going to be up and all ready to produce the sports series.

Tom Brady and Lebron James as ‘Producers’ of the sports series

Yes, you have read it correctly that the two most well-known and popular players are going to be producing the new sports series for Apple TV Plus. They are Tom Brady and Lebron James and you all must have heard the name of these two amazing personalities. They did combine together for nine championships and transcend the sports world. Now, they are teaming up for producing the best version of the upcoming sports series that will inspire a large number of fans and people.

NFL’s Tom Brady and NBA’s Lebron James are surely going to be walking side by side for the project. But it will not be in the Football ground or Basketball court if you are expecting it. It will be amazing for all the fans and followers of the duo that they will be leading producers for the new project. Tom Brady and Lebron James will be producing for Apple TV Plus sports documentary series namely “Greatness Code”.

Well, it was surprising and joyful when Apple did announce on Wednesday about their partnership as producers. The announcement was James and Brady’s religion of sports will be up for a seven-part documentary series to debut on streaming service on 10 July.

Gotham Chopra is the director of the upcoming sports series. He did experience working with Brady before and he is well-known with the entertainment industry as well. The first season of the “Greatness Code” will define an athlete’s career while focussing on important events.

The upcoming sports series will feature James, Brady, U.S. women’s soccer star Alex Morgan, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, snowboarder Shaun White, and more. Fans are already waiting to watch such an inspiring and exciting sports series.


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