Tips for those looking to win in soccer betting

The statistics remain ruthless to the clients of bookmakers – 97% of users suffer losses when betting on soccer. Only 3% of players can be considered successful.

Does this mean that it is impossible to constantly remain in the black at the bookmaker’s office the same as in an online casino with no download slots with bonus rounds? Not really, because 3% of successful bettors come from somewhere. Considering that the ability to make bets on soccer is unlikely to be innate, everyone can educate a professional bettor skill.

First of all, you should be interested in statistics and any information about the future game that can be found from open sources. It seems that analyzing a match on your own is a daunting task. Having in front of your eyes the statistical calculations on the performances of teams or athletes, understanding in what form they approach the game, and what tasks they seek to solve in the tournament, one can draw far-reaching conclusions.

You may not be able to calculate the probabilities of the outcomes yourself, but this is not required. Just evaluate the odds set by the bookmaker. They may be wrong, and you can effectively make bets on soccer against the bookmaker.

Learning the rules of soccer betting

Never rush with a bet if you do not clearly understand what rules it obeys. Bookmakers, seeking to attract players, constantly come up with new types of bets on soccer. Their terms and conditions of winning may not be as beneficial as you may think.

Simple soccer bets

Avoid difficult bets. Express soccer betting is not the best choice for a beginner. Start with singles. Remember, pros don’t take too much risk when choosing the simplest bets.

Management of risks

Manage your risks. Don’t bet all your money on one outcome. The bet on an event should not exceed 5% of your account size (better, less). This way you will avoid losing your deposit in a short time.

The tournament phase matters

When predicting the outcome of a sporting event, especially if you are doing it intending to bet on sports, then do not forget about the tournament phase. If the favorite is playing, this does not mean that this particular team will win. The favorites often start the competition in a relaxed state. Underdogs, on the contrary, put a lot of effort into the beginning of the competition. Their energy even allows them to temporarily lead the standings. This can also happen due to the updated composition of the team. It takes some time for the players to play together. Therefore, teams that include only superstars sometimes lag far behind.

Initially, bookmakers offer inflated sports bets on underdogs, since they do not expect them to win, and you can get a good profit if you bet on the underdog who will win the match.

In the middle of the championship, it becomes obvious who is competing for what, so the results are mostly predictable. The end of the tournament is as unpredictable as the beginning. There is no time to calmly calculate the points. There is a stubborn struggle, and the teams give their best. Both the physical and psychological state of the team will play a role here, so be careful.

Choose only events that you are well versed in. Avoid sports that are unfamiliar to you, and even more so do not place significant money on such bets on football.

Don’t trust your intuition. Use facts first.