The Competition Committee confirmed this Friday the worst predictions for Real Madrid: the red that Marcelo saw in Elche and his phrase that referee Figueroa Vázquez recorded in the minutes (“You are very bad”) will cost the Brazilian three match bans. One for the expulsion itself and two more, by virtue of article 117, when understanding the action as “disregard or disregard” for the referee. The result is that Real Madrid will lose Marcelo in the quarterfinals of the Cup and also in some hypothetical semifinals, if Ancelotti’s men qualify for that round. The left-back would have had to play the games in the League as well if it had been a sanction for an act considered serious (four games or more).

Madrid filed an allegation of Marcelo’s expulsion with a video in which he tried to prove that there was no contact between the Madridista and Morente, but Competition dismissed it, arguing that there was: “(…) Our consideration regarding the allegations formulated is contracted to state that, After observing the video evidence provided, the existence of a contact by the Real Madrid CF player on the attacker is confirmed, a situation that the referee has determined as a knockdown on an obvious goal scoring opportunity, which assessment corresponds, exclusively to determine the referee of the meeting (…)”.

Ancelotti will have to prepare for the match against Athletic de Copa on Thursday, February 3 (9:30 p.m.) without Marcelo, just after the Madrid captain showed flashes of his best version at the Martínez Valero before having to go to the shower for that controversial play in which he ends up being expelled by Figueroa.