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It has a long history with Argentine players. Footballers of that nationality are part of the club's existence and its successes. Many, some with a more relevant role than others. And some, as in the case of Juan Gomez, with a misfortune in his stage that prevented him from having a more relevant role.

The Athletic signed to ‘Black’Just when he was fighting to return to the First Division. His years in Real Socieda
d They had been outstanding and the rojiblanco team achieved one of the most solvent pivots in Spanish football. He retired in 2003 after suffering a June 2001 injury to his right ankle, which kept him off the field of play until he decided to retire.

Gomez recently spoke on ‘Planet 947’Of his mattress stage, among other issues, and explained that he always had an open wound because of how that stage occurred. “He was not him Athletic which is today, it was always a big, different club, but in those times they were more sorrows than glories ”, recalled the now coach.

Juan Gómez, with Antonio López.
Juan Gómez, with Antonio López.

The player recalled an anecdote and some words that he recently thanked. The player was one of the guests in 2017 to the game to dismiss the Calderón. “At Athletic I only played 40 games because I got injured, and I asked who had invited me to the legends game to say goodbye to the Calderón. They told me 'because if you hadn't been injured today you would be an idol here.' Somehow that healed my wound because I felt bad. The Athletic He paid almost 10 million euros for me in 2000. There was a lot of expectation for what I could give him. I spent two years trying to recover with the best doctors … but in the end I could not, “he said.


Gomez also told an anecdote with Fernando Torre
s. “When you went up to train with the older ones, they clothed and defended you. We suck and learn it. When they raised the Child to First, he would sit next to me and I would bring him and take him … A beautiful relationship was formed with him, “he explained in the aforementioned space of 947FMRadio.

“It's funny because there is a game in which we were in Second, playing in the Calderón, in the middle of the game the stadium explodes. I look to the side (the band) and see what it was Fernando that he had left the substitutes bench to warm up. Enters Fernando and obviously a boy like him, with power and speed, were all long balls from his teammates. It had been ten minutes and the poor boy hadn't touched one. I stole a ball behind and I go out playing, at the foot, I traveled more or less 30 meters. I gave him the ball in the foot, more than anything to make him feel confident. And he kept that story, in some shirt that I have that he told me that. “Thank you for trusting me when no one believed.” At this time the ball was burning because the Athletic I was in Second“He recalled.

The ‘Negro’ Gómez He also made the ideal eleven for him made with the players with whom he shared his sports life. And with the presence of several rojiblancos. Germán Burgos of archer, of which he said that “he is a pretty crazy person”. A defense formed by Hernán Díaz, Traverso, Celso Ayala and Juanpi
Sorin. A middle of the field with Almeida, Gancedo, De Pedro, Dani Carvalho, also rojiblanco del that said between laughs that “he was more model than soccer player”; to finish with a front formed by Enzo Fracescoli and Fernando

In addition, the former footballer added another exrojiblanco, a personal friend with whom he speaks “every day”, as an assistant: Fagiani.

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