Albert Rivera He lives a sweet moment next to his new girlfriend, the designer Carla Cotterli with which he has been photographed again. We must remember that this summer, after his breakup with Little one, we not only saw him with Cotterli. Also with the Catalan actress Aysha Daraaui. Sonada was the photograph in which she ate his ear in the waters of Ibiza.

This Wednesday, the magazine Week features the former leader of Ciudadanos on its cover with Carla. Inside, they appear very complicit sharing a day of shopping in a Madrid shopping center. After this day out and about, the lawyer was photographed with her again, this time before she embarked on a car trip loaded with suitcases. To say goodbye to her, they shared a passionate kiss inside the vehicle.

Now, after this farewell, Albert took his car to go to the place where Malú was waiting for him with his mother and the little girl. Lucy, who turned three years old in June. The lawyer picked her up to share time with her. For her, the former politician and the singer try to maintain a cordial relationship, especially thinking about the well-being and happiness of the apple of her eye.

The breakup of Malú and Albert Rivera was confirmed in June by Luis Rollán, a friend of the Madrid singer. Rumors of crisis have always been present since they began their relationship in 2019. The interpreter of black and white She is focused on her music and the upcoming release of her new album. Him, in his lawyer’s work.