His ‘brush’ with Alba Carrillo at the Christmas party of the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana has tested the marriage of Jorge Perez con Alice Pena. A very delicate situation, and more as details and versions become known, such as that the former civil guard went from the Unicorn party to the house of martha lopezwhere Alba had stayed to sleep.

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Despite the fact that the motivational coach is supporting him publicly, behind closed doors, beyond the position that the marriage maintains in public, the situation is faltering.

“She is very hurt and, although she tries to bite the bullet, she cannot cope with the media and family pressure she is enduring. Everyone tells her something and although she tries not to watch TV much, in the end she finds out and it hurts,” says one woman. source of absolute solvency.

“What is true is that he is also exhausted. He does not give credit to the one who has messed up and does not stop whipping himself,” adds our informant. He clings to the first version of it, although the data is making the schedules and places skid.

Jorge publicly assures that there was no kiss or anything, but there are those who have already recounted that the former civil guard and Alba finished off the play at Marta López’s house, something that, if proven, would be much more difficult to forgive. And Alice knows the truth. “He has told it. Another thing is what they wanted to say on TV to minimize the damage.”

Even so, Jorge and his wife live these days locked up in their house on the outskirts of Madrid, where they moved a few months ago. He has only gone out to work and take the children to school, although now they are not doing it either so as not to attend to the press that is waiting for them downstairs. They even say that he wants to get away from television.

Alicia and Jorge lived in Cantabria until last summer, but his popularity explosion after his participation in survivors (edition that won) led to the family move to the capital. “He already took part in several programs, but when he was invited to events he couldn’t attend. So he and Alicia decided that the best thing for his professional development was to settle here,” they tell us. And they do it like that.

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To live in Madrid, they rented a house in a luxury urbanization located in the municipality of Las Rozas, northwest of the capital. A property valued at about 600,000 euros for which they pay rent of around 1,700 per month.

The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an independent kitchen, a living room, a terrace in the kitchen for a laundry area and a pantry and a terrace in the living room. In addition, the urbanization has all the services that a family like yours needs: two paddle tennis courts, gym, sauna, swimming pool, community room and gardens. A home where until now they have lived happily and oblivious to everything, but it seems that in the last few days everything has changed.

It is inside this house where the couple is trying to fix the problem that Jorge has generated. It seems that he is not going to work this week. “Maybe at the weekend he will go to Fiesta with Emma García”, they clarify. According to what they tell us, the predisposition of both is to save the marriage and move forward together, but “they have a lot of work ahead of them”.

Luckily for them, Alicia is a motivational coach and they are both working on the problem from that point of view. However, “the latest information indicates that he did not go to his house in Las Rozas with his wife from the party, as he himself has said, but rather went to Marta López’s house, where Alba was, has made things much more complicated,” they assure us.