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Both teams know what it's like to stay very close to promotionThe reaction of Francisco Belmonte, president of Cartagena. They will play the whole for the whole against Atlético Baleares.
Yeclano went up to Segunda B last year and this season he is already playing the Playoff. It has a great future ahead, although ascending would already be key before the remodeling.

Luis Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, could not be present today in the Marbella draw, but it will be facing the qualifying rounds. He was one of the great defenders of keeping the competition to the end and has had to face innumerable problems arising from this.

They were not present in the hype for the first time, but it does not hurt to remember the 36 semifinal matches from Third to Second B. The former play against the fourths and the latter against the third. There will be no extension, in case of a tie. They will be held on the same dates as the Second B. Ruby Ares tells.

This afternoon the eight crossings that will decide the promotion to the Second Division have been decided. Here is the chronicle of what happened.

He Castellón also reacts to pairing with Logroñés. You will not be able to count on your unconditional audience, it will be behind closed doors.
The big day is coming:
The final intervention of Pelaez, Chairman of the Second Division Commission B:

End of the transmission by the RFEF, with a message to which we join: “Let the ball roll!”

These are the eight playoff playoffs for promotion to Segunda B: Ibiza-Cornellá, Bilbao Athletic-Badajoz, Sabadell-Atlético B, Marbella-Peña Deportiva, Barça B-Valladolid Promesas, Cultural Leonesa-Yeclano, Castellón-Logroñés and Cartagena-Atlético Baleares. (In bold, duels of champions)

The last crosses, decided:

On July 20 the next draw will be held, facing the second round for promotion.

Sunday, July 19, at the New Mirador de Algeciras: SABADELL-ATLÉTICO B.

Saturday, July 18, at the New Mirador de Algeciras: BILBAO ATHLETIC-BADAJOZ.

Francisco Belmonte, president of Cartagena, will exercise innocent last hand.

They only remain to define the two qualifiers that will face each other to the third classified: Sabadell, Badajoz, Atlético B and Athletic B.

Seconds vs. quarters. Here are the crosses:

The presenter remembers it. The Playoff can be followed through Footters, for a price of 12.99. Unlike other years, you can broadcast each and every one of the matches live.

Sunday, July 19, at the Marbella Football Cente: CULTURAL LEONESA-YECLANO DEPORTIVO.

Sunday, July 19, in the City of Malaga: BARÇA B-REAL VALLADOLID PROMESAS. Duel of subsidiaries in the Playoff.

Jordi Bruixola, general manager of Castellón, appears on stage. It speaks wonders of his rival, the Logroñés. “Here it is only worth winning,” he says.

Saturday, July 18, at the Marbella Football Cente: MARBELLA-PEÑA DEPORTIVA.

Saturday, July 18, in the City of Malaga: IBIZA-CORNELLÁ.

Will exercise innocent hand Juan José Guerreros, vice president of Logroñés. The microphone has failed him, but he has commented on the difficulty of the match against Castellón.

Finishing above in the classification will have the usual reward. There will be no field factor, but the seconds (Ibiza, Cultural Leonesa, Marbella and Barça B) will be measured to the quarters (Peña Deportiva, Yeclano, Cornellá and Valladolid B). The third parties will see each other's faces (Sabadell, Badajoz, Atlético B and Athletic B).

The route of the champions:

Now it's time for the second, third and fourth classified draw. The third will play each other and the second will be measured to the fourth. All of them need to overcome three heats to go up to Second division.

Sunday July 19 at La Rosaleda: Cartagena-Atlético Baleares for the remaining square.

Saturday July 18 at La Rosaleda: Castellón-Logroñés for a place in Second.

Your rival will be YOU LOGROÑÉS.

The first ball comes out. Saturday July 18 at La Rosaleda, the CASTELLÓN.

I wave with my elbow, as protocol dictates. Get on the stage Guillermo Pisano, the general manager of Atlético Baleares. “The ideal would be not to play, they are all very strong rivals,” he says.

THE ROSE GARDEN It will be the stadium that will host the matches between the top finishers.

Albert Luque He is the godfather of the draw. He goes up, takes off his mask, which hooks on the microphone. “Luckily I played many years as a professional and I remember all the important moments. The promotion playoff is one of them. This year is shorter and more concentrated, which makes it more exciting. Single game, on neutral ground. .. Wishing it starts. I wish everyone luck. ”

The four champions will be the first to know their destiny. Cartagena, Logroñés, Castellón and Atlético Baleares they will enjoy a double opportunity to ascend.

Remember the presenter the dates. The first tie will be held between July 18 and 19. Also important to emphasize: there will be overtime and penalties in case of a tie after 90 minutes. In Third it will not be like that.

Suburb: “The facilities are stadiums with all conditions. I hope we will see a magnificent competition.” Thus he closes his speech. We arrived at the moment of the hype …

The Playoff presents venues for the first time. All in Andalusia, between Marbella, Malaga and Algeciras:

Keep going Suburb, somewhat more extensive than his colleagues: “I appreciate once again the confidence of the Federation. With Andalusia you are not going to make a mistake.” It also refers to Marbella: “We wish him all the luck in the world”.

It's up to José María Arrabal, Secretary General for Sports of Andalusia: “These 16 teams would be in a position to win all the titles in many countries.”

Lozano continues, while in the background the camera focuses on the yachts of Marbella. The afternoon is ideal for bathing in the Malaga town. The President of Andalusia is also committed to the promotion of Marbella. “All who visit Andalusia fall in love with this land,” he concludes.

Pablo Lozano, President of the RFAF Management Commission, takes his turn to speak: “After these difficult times, it is the clubs that make us resume our interest in soccer. We must thank Andalusia. Sport unites, breaks all barriers and educates in values.”

The RFEF presents the venues for the new Playoff. Marbella, the Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas Stadium, the city of Malaga, La Rosaleda, the Ciudad de Málaga Stadium, Algeciras, the New Mirador de Algeciras. Sounds like a good summer plan, doesn't it?

“I hope that everyone leaves here satisfied. It is an unforgettable afternoon for everyone,” the mayor closed her speech.

Live images:

Ángeles Muñoz: “We will experience it with a certain partiality.” It refers to Marbella, one of the leading teams, with Granero and Juanmi Callejón on the roster and with the aim of promoting professional football as soon as possible.

Speaks Angeles MuñozMayor: “It is a great honor for Marbella. That we can play these promotion playoffs … There have been many people involved and it is fair to thank them. I appreciate everyone's effort. I am very proud and grateful.”

Very hot in Marbella. The guests at the event do not stop fanning. The seats are separated to meet the safety distance.

Quick review. 16 teams, four of them leaders. These will face each other for two places in Second. The rest will have to overcome three heats. ¡THIS STARTS!

It connects the Federation with its television signal. Seconds for the most important day of the Second Division B 2019-20 to start. SOCCER IS BACK!

¡We are on time! In a few moments the draw will start from the Levante jetty of Puerto Banús, in Marbella.

Thus were the four groups of Second Division B. Group I: Atlético Baleares, Ibiza, Atlético B and Peña Deportiva. Group II: UD Logroñés, Cultural, Bilbao Athletic, Valladolid B. Group III: Castellón, Barcelona B, Sabadell and Cornellà. Group IV: Cartagena, Marbella, Badajoz and Yeclano.

On the other hand, in the Third Division it will be played 90 minutes. It will be the privilege that the best classified will have, as the double chance and the field factor disappear. In other words, the leaders will advance to Second B if they tie their two games.

The main novelty is the disappearance of the round trip. On neutral ground, teams will face life or death in 90 minutes. Whoever loses will be eliminated. There will be an extension and penalties.

If you have come this far, the format should be familiar to you. A brief review, before moving on to the main novelty. There will be two ways.Champions route: The four leaders will play each other in two heats that will decide two promotions.The other route It matches the second classified with the fourths. Also to third parties among themselves.

So, in order to avoid sprouts, Luis Rubiales has bet that there will be no public in the qualifying rounds for promotion. Here all the information:

Unfortunately, the stands of La Rosaleda will be empty. Despite the fact that in the Third Division there will be a public in certain stadiums as this is the responsibility of the Autonomous Community, the Second B is at the state level and the responsibility of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Behold The Rose Garden. It will be one of the five stadiums that host decisive matches for climbing to the Second Division. The rest are: New Mirador de Algeciras, Municipal de Marbella, Centro Deportivo Marbella Fútbol Center and Ciudad de Málaga.

We join the RFEF question, how are those nerves going?

Here you can make a quick review of all the news that the new Playoff presents.

Another great news is that there will be no Third Division teams in the hype. The reason is simple. These will be paired by groups and with each other, unlike usual. Before the coronavirus, the idea was for teams from different Autonomous Communities to face each other. For the purpose of prevention, it was advocated to leave a promotion place for each of the groups, plus two wild cards, still to be discovered. That is why they do not need to circumvent their destiny.

If you have disconnected from the modest football universe in quarantine, you should know that any resemblance to the reality of other years is pure coincidence. Starting from the most basic, the draw is held in Puerto Banús, in Marbella, and not in Las Rozas as so many seasons ago.

Good afternoon! Welcome and welcome to the Playoff draw for promotion to Second Division B. This same afternoon, starting at 20:00, the two pairings of the route of champions will be known and the other six crossings that the surviving teams will decide in the battle to reach professional football.