This is Gemma Pinto, the young influencer who has stolen the heart of Marc Márquez

This weekend the motorcycle rider Marc Márquezwho has always been very discreet with his private life, has shared a photograph on his Instagram account in which his hands can be seen intertwined with those of a young woman, so It didn’t take long for the identity to be known. of Márquez’s new girlfriend, with whom he is on vacation in Marrakech.

This is Gemma Pinto, a 26-year-old Catalan girl who is also very well known on social media and in the world of modelingso it has been possible to learn various information about it through these channels.

Specifically, Gemma Pinto is a model and influencer and has worked for some prestigious brandslike Paco Rabanne. Due to this, the young woman has participated in numerous events related to brands for which she works or where she has been invited due to her work as an influencer, so it is not uncommon to see her surrounded by other famous faces and well-known characters.

In fact, one of Gemma’s best friends is the popular Laura Escaneswith whom he maintains a close relationship. So much so that the influencer follows each other with Álvaro de Luna, the singer who currently occupies the heart of Escanes.

On the other hand, in one of her latest Instagram posts, where Gemma appears blowing out her 26th birthday candles, she has received the congratulations and the comments of many influencersas is the case of Laura Rouder, Laura Montero or Pablo Castellanos, the husband of María Pombo.

As for his studies, they are also related to the world of brands, since he did the Public Relations and Advertising career. She also indicates on her Instagram account that she is the director of public relations for the Kream brand, specializing in cosmetics.

Gemma Pinto’s Instagram

As an influencer, on her official Instagram account (@gemmpinto) she currently has more than 74,000 followers, a figure with which she shares numerous publications related to her work, since she can be seen posing at events, advertising brands or showing their looks.

However, it also lets you see other more personal images, such as a series of photos Dedicated to her grandmother, images with her friends or the tattoo that he shares with Laura Escanes, among other things.