This Monday marks ten days since the soccer player entered provisional prison and without bail for an alleged crime of rape. sources close to Dani Alves affirm that he is already beginning to integrate into the daily life of Brians 2, albeit timidly, hand in hand with his protector and cellmate, Coutinho.

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This is a Brazilian prisoner, also accused of rape, whom Alves met a long time ago, as he worked as the footballer’s bodyguard Ronaldinho during his time at FC Barcelona. Precisely for this reason he was chosen as a “trusted prisoner” to accompany and help Dani in his first days in prison. He also worked as a doorman at the disco Sutton of Barcelona, ​​the same one in which, allegedly, Alves sexually assaulted a woman on December 30.

As we published a few days ago, Alves has begun to participate in the daily routine of the prison and this weekend he played a soccer game in the patio with the rest of his classmates. The expectation was such that the prisoners from adjoining modules crowded to see it and the guards had to put up some tarpaulins.

Alves continues to refuse to buy a television in the prison commissary (probably hoping to get out soon and not need it) and to eat the menu offered by the kitchen, he only eats fruit and yogurt that he buys with the 100 euros a week that he has an allowance: “Four yogurts, four cans of tuna, deodorant, a shampoo and cans of energy drinks.”

The footballer is already calmer and You have started to talk to other colleagues about your situation: “I will accept whatever comes. I left home when I was barely 15 years old. I have overcome very difficult and complicated situations in my life. This will be one more that will pass. Nothing scares me,” he explained, according to La Vanguardia this Monday. . The former Barça winger has stressed from prison that the relations took place “with the consent of the woman”.