Antoine Griezmann was decisive in the victory of Atlético de Madrid before him Porto in Do Dragao that gave him the pass to the knockout stages of the Champions League. The Frenchman scored the first goal of the mattress team and gave the pass to Correa In a second. He was named MVP of the match and later spoke to Movistar.


“Now I feel everything. We knew it was a difficult game, but we had it prepared. I am proud of this team. We have all fought and worked very well and I am sure that the people who are here in the stadium have enjoyed the game.”

The suffering

“This is Atleti. This game is the summary of the group stage because we knew we were playing it here. It is a pride to belong to this team. I came back for that and I am enjoying it a lot. Hopefully we can have a good campaign in the Champions League.”

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Javier G. Gomara

Simeone's players achieved a stained glass victory to continue in the Champions League against Porto

They overcome the casualties

“We are a group. There are players who are screwed on the bench because they want to play, but we need everyone because at some point they are going to play, define and win games. We are united to get where we want.”

The season

“It is long and in competitions like the League or the Champions League there are good and bad moments, especially in these is where we need the fans most, as they have done this game or in the last training session where they came to sing.”

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