They tear off the graffiti of Messi emulating ‘Che’

Since the end of August, a work by the graffiti artist, the Italian Salvatore Benintende, could be seen in Plaza Catalunya, where he wanted to represent his love for Leo Messi, during the turbulent times where the Argentine's future seemed very far from Barcelona. Benintende, better known to art circles as TvBoy, On an electrical panel, he captured the image of Leo emulating the mythical revolutionary, ‘Che’ Guevara, with some words included in which you could read: “Goodbye, commander.”

The artist himself defined his graffiti as “an affectionate tribute”, in which he only tried to highlight that Messi had been “the commander” of this Barcelona. In addition, the image had included the image of three flags, as possible destinations for Leo at that time: the British (Manchester City), the French (PSG) and the Italian (Inter).

Well, this work is no longer visible in Barcelona: someone decided to literally tear off the panel, exposing the entire electrical installation, and take the work of the Milanese artist home.

The intention of the author of this misdeed is unknown: either to keep it as a Barcelona or Messi fan so that he can enjoy it every day or directly try to sell it. And it is that the works of Benintende are highly valued in some artistic circuits, as demonstrated in the auction that was made of a Previous graffiti of his that he also wore for several weeks in Barcelona, ​​where Messi could be seen kissing Cristiano Ronaldo.