They ask for two years and one day in prison for their altercation with the Local Police of Seville

To paraphrase Imanol Arias, surely Maria Leon Nor would she wish right now to “be at the head of the cast” of the judicial drama in which she is involved, since this very Friday, June 14, the new hard blow that the actress has received has become known: they are asking for two years and one day of prison for the incident that took place with the Seville Local Police in the early morning of October 1, 2022.

This sentence has been requested by the three agents who are part of the private prosecution, whoThey accuse the Sevillian of the crime of attacking authority, in addition to crimes of disobedience and injuries, for which they demand fines of 2,700 euros.respectively, which represents a total of 5.400 euros.

In addition, the agent who allegedly received a punch and a kick from the actress on the night of the altercations, claims before the court compensation of 150 euros for the physical injuries suffered, and 1,000 euros in compensation for moral damages, derived from the “public significance of the accused and the videos published on social networks and other media“. And, as the agent has stated through her legal representatives, all of this has caused her a “prejudice of insecurity in his work as a Local Police in Seville and in his family environment“.

León would have tried to avoid going to trial, but the magistrate in charge of the case, investigating judge number 18 of Seville, rejected the mediation appeal. Now, she is waiting for the Seville Prosecutor’s Office to present its provisional conclusions to issue the order to open the oral trial, according to what she has published. Seville newspaper.

The friends who accompanied the actress on the night of the altercation will not be spared from testifying before the judge, since the agents leading the private prosecution have also filed charges against two other companions of the interpreter, Pedro AM and Jorge SM, for whom they have requested also prison sentences: two years and one day for Pedro AM for a crime of attacking authority, and one year in prison for Jorge SM

That of October 1, 2022 is, without a doubt, an early morning that they will want to forget, when the actress and her companions came to the defense of a cyclist who was stopped by three officers for riding with a drink in his hand. María and her friends questioned the agents’ intervention, stating that her actions were disproportionate. María then took out her cell phone and began recording the events and, according to her accusation, hurling serious insults. They asked for her documentation and she claimed not to have it, so she ended up in a judicial van, which she entered of her own free will.

Then, as he later stated, he had an anxiety attack and wanted to get out, so he started banging on the vehicle door. That caused one of his friends to get in front of the patrol car to stop him. The agents stopped the vehicle, got out of it and that was when the actress’s other friend opened the door for her to get out. An agent went after the actress and when she was hit she reacted by giving him a “strong punch” to the agent on the cheek, and a kick, while shouting: “Son of a bitch, you’re a bitch“. An altercation that became complicated once again when one of María León’s friends came to her aid and shook the agent, so the other local police officers who were there had to intervene.

Now that brawl has become a real anguish for María and her friends, because when a person is sentenced to less than two years in prison, the authorities can decree that they do not go to prison if it is the first sentence. But everything is complicated by claiming two years and one day: if León and his friends are finally sentenced for the time claimed by the private prosecution, they would go to jail.