Bertin Osborne is once again the protagonist of the social chronicle after the singer’s statements Annawho claims to have maintained relations with the presenter for fifteen years, coinciding with the time in which he was married to Fabiola Martinez. The artist has not yet spoken publicly about it, although he has commented on it among those around him.

“They are all the same,” the ranchera singer would have blurted out after listening to Annaaccording to Gema López this Wednesday on Antena 3.

Fabiola also reacted and distanced herself this Tuesday after hearing the news: “I don’t want to know anything. I am dedicated to the foundation and nothing else,” she initially conveyed to her colleagues at Atresmedia. However, this Wednesday she told journalist Beatriz Miranda that “she is very well” and that she “does not feel like she is in the middle of anything. So, to the best of your knowledge…”.

This is a new media bomb surrounding Kike and Carlos’s father. The last few months have been marked by the pregnancy of Gabriela Guillén, the woman with whom he is expecting his sixth child and with whom he does not have a romantic relationship to this day. She will have the baby at 69 years old, which is why she has received a barrage of criticism. As if that were not enough, she also came out talking Chabeli Navarro, the Sevillian who claimed to have had an abortion after becoming pregnant with him. Something that Bertín himself confirmed through an intense exchange of statements and communications.