And when it seemed that Saul was staying, which was the unexpected signing of Simeone for the left lane of Atlético 2021-22, the bomb: his departure to the Premier is imminent. When this market ends, Saúl will not be part of the rojiblanca squad. In his head the idea of ​​the beginning of summer is kept: to leave. There are several reasons that continue to push him to do so.


First of all, he is not comfortable in his new role. It is not new. Although it seemed so, that throughout the summer, in which he has participated in all the games, first as a midfielder, a disaster, then as a lane, standing out. But he does not want to play there, he feels that it is not his position. He wants to grow and has communicated this to the club. He wants to grow and feels that Atlético does not let him. Saúl, a footballer with great versatility and stride, has scored several historic goals since he broke into the first team, signing a Chilean against Madrid at 0-4 in 2014-15 that made him add gallons. That one to Bayern in the 2015-16 Champions League is forever. But he feels that in recent years, since Filipe Luis left and has had to play in various positions on the field, he cannot perform what he would like because he does not play where he likes. He thinks that in the Premier, they will give him those stripes, that position, that at Atlético, for now, no longer.


Simeone said it in the interview with AS this summer. “Last season he spoke with the club, with us about his needs and what he spoke about the option of having a place on the field where he feels more important. And I consider that Saúl became Saúl by playing everywhere. He or many of those around him see it as something negative, “said the coach. The environment. That he thinks like him or feeds that thought: Saúl has been wasted for two seasons at Atlético.


Atlético's dressing room is a pineapple. That has been one of the reasons why he was proclaimed league champion last season. A pineapple where black chickpeas do not enter, bad gestures. And Saúl, on certain occasions, has them. Twisting his face when Simeone sends him to the defense. Get angry. Show your dissatisfaction with your situation constantly. But the market of this last year ties him to the rojiblanco club. Nobody can pay his clause, 150 million, not even that amount for which the club hinted this summer, the door would be opened, about 50, 60. Nothing. The solution is that assignment for you to try out. You may discover, like so many before, that football can be very cold away from Simeone's black suit.. Not surprisingly, the list is endless of those who left and then only thought of returning. Griezmann, Filipe, Costa … But Saúl's decision has been made. You have a year to prove it.