These are the messages that were not seen between Paz Padilla and the position of the Madrid City Council: she clarifies the controversy

Paz Padilla (54) reappeared this Monday night on Instagram to clarify the true link that unites her to the position of the Madrid City Council with which she was linked a few hours ago. On Sunday night, the comedian published a screen recording of her mobile phone where, by mistake, she slipped in a WhatsApp message that read the following: “If you want to go so you can make yourself even prettier than you already are, almost impossible thing, but hey….” She deleted it but, unfortunately for her, it went viral.

The comedian explained through her stories that this contact, which she had saved in her agenda as Secretary of the Madrid City Council, He spoke to him to recommend a hair salon in Valencia, the city where she had traveled to present a play. “I’m in a very nice story in Movistar with Lina Morgan and everyone is asking me about the message with a friend of mine that has been leaked in the press,” she said, laughing.

“Well, the message is because I was in Valencia doing theater and he told me: ‘Do you want to look pretty, prettier than you are? Because I have a friend who is a hairdresser, and so you can go to his hairdresser.’ “I was recording the screen and I didn’t realize it,” he said. stressing that his friend, in addition, “was with his wife in Valencia watching the theater.”

The presenter of the extinct Save me assured what his friend’s compliments were simply due to the fact that he is “a gentleman.” “You don’t know how much I laughed,” she said, and called for calm: “Please calm down. It was a message to invite me to a hair salon, that’s all. Although the truth is that I look pretty today, eh.” She later shared a screenshot of her WhatsApp chat, showing the before and after of the controversial message.

During the hours prior to his response, social networks were filled with comments about this lapse. “Paz Padilla uploading this video and deleting it because there is a WhatsApp message from the secretary of the Madrid City Council”“Chillo” or “Paz Padilla accidentally leaks this message…” are some of the tweets that were shared on