Tomorrow Sunday will be the second time that Camp Nou can celebrate a game with 100% of its capacity after the dispute last Sunday of the duel against Valencia. This time it is a “Classic” where, unlike what happened before the onset of the pandemic, Real Madrid will not have a specific crowd of fans in the stadium.

It is usual to see a limited and specific area in the upper part of the Camp Nou where the Real Madrid fans were located. Whether they come from the capital of Spain or because they come from Catalonia or nearby Autonomous Communities.

This restricted and guarded area responded to the tickets that Barcelona made available to Real Madrid for their fans to come to the Camp Nou. A dynamic that occurs in all teams that make available to the rival a quota of tickets so that the members or subscribers who want it, move to see their team in the opponent’s field.

But this time, and as Mundo Deportivo has learned, there has been no transfer of tickets between Barcelona and Real Madrid. But not because there has not been an offer from the Barça entity. But because from the white club they have not considered it appropriate, taking into account the high price offered by the Blaugrana club. Above one hundred euros for the highest part of the Camp Nou stadium.

Despite everything, the presence of white fans is expected

Hence, Real Madrid has not requested this ticket package and therefore has not offered them to its subscribers, partners, supporters or supporters who would have wanted to travel to Barcelona.

But this does not mean that tomorrow Carlo Ancelotti’s team will be alone. The presence of Madrid fans is expected. But all those who attend will be because they have bought one of the tickets that Fútbol Club Barcelona has put up for sale. Then they will not be together in this white stands but distributed throughout the stadium depending on the location they have acquired

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