The nine less common players of the first team of the Roma who played yesterday’s game against the Norwegian team Bodö / Glimt they disappointed and did not meet expectations demanded by his coach. The match ended with a humiliating defeat (6-1). For many players in the starting eleven, the game was a fireproof to show Mourinho what they are capable of. Several of these players were starting with Fonaseca last year, but since the arrival of the Portuguese coach they are not counting on just minutes. They did not know how to take advantage of the opportunity and now to Mou these players are definitely out of your plans.

As the coach said after the game, many players disappointed him and did not know how to compete against a team that ‘a priori’ was of a much lower level than the Italians. He also showed his great dissatisfaction when he saw that the Bodö / Glimt surpassed them by lack of commitment, tactical order and above all professionalism. Mou was very disappointed to see his players strolling through the field, without making an effort as he had asked them in the locker room.

The most notable players were Borja Mayoral, Villar, Diawara, Reynolds and Plums, that with disastrous performances disappointed their coach. I expected more, but instead there were a lot of mistakes and a totally negative attitude. Mayoral did not influence the game, he made many inaccuracies and also touched too few balls. Villar was a ghost at the three-quarter line, Diawara made mistakes that cost goals (especially in the third goal), Reynolds has no level to play at this level and Kumbulla made mistake after mistake. There is a high probability that after such a performance these players will be crossed by their coach.


The Spanish Borja Mayoral is one of the greats pointed out by Mourinho


Mayoral, in the absence of minutes, you can try your luck in the winter market to go to another team. Villar and Diawara They have been on the market since summer, since Mourinho does not want them. Reynolds He is not yet ready to compete at the level that is demanded and could be loaned out to a club where he can develop as a player. Plums It looks like it will stay, since before the Chris Smalling’s physical problems, the Roman ensemble has a shortage of power plants. What is clear is that Plums It will be the fourth option to occupy the rear of the team led by ‘The Special One’.

With the return of Spinazzola and Carles Perez, You could see an improvement in the squad, but what is clear is that if they want to improve the team significantly they will have to resort to the winter market. But to buy, you have to sell and this can lead to problems.