The coach of the CD Tenerife, Luis Miguel Ramis, has ensured that “there is no reason” for his players to have “euphoria”, despite being in the high positions of the classification and having added ten of the last twelve points at stake.

At the press conference prior to the meeting this Monday in The Rose Garden before him Malaga CF, Ramis has pointed out that the group “takes naturally” the situation in which it finds itself, being aware that “this is long and there will be situations to combat during the season.”

The Tenerife coach has indicated that the Málaga It is a team that “becomes home”, since “it is intense” and has the support of its fans.

“He puts in a lot of intensity from start to finish. It will demand a lot from us and we will have to use our resources so that they do not harm us, “he added.

Luis Miguel Ramis has commented that the “illusion” that is being generated “around the team” “helps them and is a challenge”, on which he said that the CD Tenerife “He must be obliged in each game to give a high level, whatever the situation he is in.”

The coach has ensured that “the dynamics” in which the team is “helps” that all the players who enter have “shown that they can contribute things.”

“Rotations don’t have to go away. There will be changes on Monday and maybe the next, too. I consider everyone’s participation important. They are performing well and must be important, “he said.

As for the competition to play in the center of defense, Ramis has said that Sipcic, Lion and Carlos Ruiz placeholder image “They have a great predisposition”, so “it is not a problem” for him, but “a peace of mind” of knowing that he will not be wrong in his choice.

Upon Michel Herrero, which in recent days has reduced its share of leadership in the team, Ramis He has commented that “he is physically well, he is training well and will have many minutes”, since he is “a player with strength and soccer power in the squad”.

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