“There are three uncultivated fields? What does this gentleman have to say?” Alejandra Rubio attacks Mohedano

The one who was missing to give his opinion on the future maternity of Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia: Amador Mohedano. The brother of Rocío Jurado and ex-husband of Rosa Benito has started to talk in front of the microphones and has launched inappropriate messages about the pregnancy of Terelu’s daughter such as “I think it is not a good time.” We have seen it in This is life.

Emboldened and without filters, Mohedano has referred to Terelu’s family with an inexplicable “there are three uncultivated fields.” Afterwards, he has maintained his impertinent tone about Alejandra and her boyfriend, Mar Flores’ son: “A very big lie. I don’t know Carlo. The pregnancy is not a good time. She is now on television learning, she has a long way to go; and the boy will have to rebuild his life. A child, a belly. That is a responsibility that changes your life.” And in his reflection, he has sentenced: “They won’t make it to September. They won’t make it.” The face of the youngest of the Campos while listening to his words was priceless. Stunned and laughing, the young woman has answered sharply: “There are three uncultivated fields? I don’t know him, I have never seen him in my life. But what does this man have to say? Let him mind his own business.” The public, of course, has applauded.

“This is taking its toll on them,” says Pliego.

He is not the only one who has launched darts at Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia. The young woman has also defended herself from the rumors of estrangement that Luis Pliego pointed out in TardeAR. The coldness between them has arisen from the images of a getaway to Ibiza. In the video they are seen on the shore. “They don’t touch each other, zero romanticism. Neither in the sand nor in the water. We see Alejandra alone in the water. She begs her boyfriend to go with her. He doesn’t pay attention to her,” they commented on Telecinco. Following this sequence, Pliego said: “Maybe they are bored of being with each other. When they return from Ibiza they spend three whole days without seeing each other. They see each other again on Thursday when it is announced that he is going to From Friday. Covid? You put on the mask, I know for a fact that This is taking its toll on them. You come back from vacation and you don’t see each other for three days?” These rumors have a very short lifespan because Alejandra has played down the importance of them and denied the estrangement: “What a shame. It didn’t happen like that, but if it had, what’s the problem? These relationships of antiquity. What Luis Pliego is saying is not true.”