Diego Pablo Simeon, coach of the Atletico Madrid, He analyzed his team’s game.


“We didn’t do well in the first half, two shots on goal and two goals, but we didn’t cause anything, we didn’t play what we wanted to play. And we talked in the second half, I told them what I feel and what they have transmitted in recent years, ‘if we have to lose we will lose with pride’. The team left their soul, they left their lives”.


“The people were very important, decisive. Another team in another club, at the moment when we were losing two to nil, they would have whistled or criticized, they would not have supported the team and it would have been another painful defeat. People were there, accompanied and the team was able to respond well”.


“We played the match we had to play in the second half with much fewer passes, but more concrete. In the end, football is forcefulness. We ended up playing with Correa, Cunha, Suárez, Carrasco, defending with From Paul on the right side and Handsome from left side. Sometimes the positions don’t matter, but the illusion and the energy that one has to play. From Paul Y Handsome, without being pure full-backs, they played a wonderful game”.


“It was a totally different time from the other. In the first half off, a team without fluidity, that did not generate risky chances, that lost it very easily, that did not solve the defensive phase well. In the second part the opposite. It has to be good for us, that first part has to serve us but especially that second in which, with the work of all of us, we were able to become a team again”.


“In the second half we went from less to more. With Carrasco on the sides and we brought in Felipe so that he could solve all the counterattack options that we were going to have against us for all the chances that we were going to have. Beside Gimenez held it very well. Then we decided to definitely go for the game with De Paul Y Mario as laterals, and the four above that I told you about. We had one afternoon left, this one is going to stay”.


“It is the team that comes out stronger. We continue in a good dynamic in League, Lightning, Villarreal, today… this will help us to work well these 12 or 15 days that we have and face the game of Barcelona with Ilusion”.


“What did I feel? That every time you see this slip away I grab on tighter. In the first half I felt my heart ache”.

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Ángel Correa, Atlético de Madrid footballer, celebrates the goal against Valencia.

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